Too Brave to Burn

If fire could crash upon land like waves do –

It is her, and only her, who could conjure

and dismiss the blaze

as if it were a mere symphony.

It is she, and only she, who could walk

barefoot on the seashore

as if it wasn’t smitten with destruction.

Only her, who could stand

unfaltered with singed toes

as if the flames had left love bites.

Only she, who could gaze

at the tempestuous flickering

as if it resembled twilight-ish hues.

If fire could rise and fall like tides do –

She was the only one brave enough to still love the ocean,

for her body knew soot better than a cremated corpse,

and her heart beat at the rate of a hundred explosions a minute.




Wishes Come True

I wished upon a star

to make me beautiful,

but I woke up in the morning

looking just the way I do.

I put myself together, wondering if wishes ever come true.

That morning, I smiled

at every stranger I saw

and of the things I got back

smiles weren’t all.

I grinned at the world; it looked back at me with awe.

That afternoon, I danced

in the middle of the street

and fell down, just so the man in the wheelchair

wouldn’t feel as weak.

I never felt happier before, while scraping my knees.

That night, I didn’t drink

and not a single cigarette

did I light up, for I was too drunk,

too high on happiness.

And for the first time in years, I slept without regret.

My wish had come true, for my soul had become pretty,

and that day I realized, mirrors are far too lifeless to recognize beauty.