Empty Mansions

I have known since forever that concrete can build houses, magnificent castles even, but not homes.

Sunsets and a Lost Love

Oh, how Delhi sunsets remind me of you.

While I sit in my balcony sipping on tea, my soul savors yet another cup of molten sunshine.

And you slip into my mind instantly – Every single airplane that flies by reminds me of how you left, leaving me with nothing except for an unfinished story, one which I can’t complete alone.

We had started it together, and we will end it the same way.

I see flocks of birds flying home, where the ones they love wait patiently for their advent.

When are you going to come home? I’ve been waiting for 6 years now.

Then there are these little pink flowers, the ones that are everywhere, the ones that grow out of nowhere. They remind me of how nothing-ness could be moulded into something so beautiful, just like us.

Of all the love I lost, yours was the love I still crave, for its madness was subtle and its innocence, incomparable.



My body is still covered with burns from the last time i let your fire engulf me. They’ve become faint reminders of how I gave up air to feed those burning flames in your eyes, how that mild breeze became wind and how it extinguished us.

But somehow, just somehow, I’m still letting the parts of me that aren’t covered with bruises touch your re-ignition.