For a Change

Let’s give a day off to the sun; let’s call it Sunday.


For it is only in the darkness that we will realize that our

toenails are full of confetti.

Our scars will make love to our birthmarks and moonshine will leak

From behind our ears.

And the dark circles upon our cheekbones will reveal

a quality of phosphorescence.

Our elbows will twinkle and their follicles will tell us a secret –

they are made up of fairy dust (shhhh…)

The crevices between our feet and the grass, will emit

all shades of white neon,

and we will leave footprints of powder yellow florescence upon

the surface of water.

Our souls will prance above our heads and change colour when they touch another one,

and we will carry shadows of pastel light dancing on the black surface of land,

and every unlit part of our bodies will get a chance to shine

for we only recognize the light within us

when there is sheer ink around us.


So let’s give a day off to the moon; let’s call it Monday.

Let’s tell the heavens to put out the lights,

and for a change,

let’s shine for the skies tonight.



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