Each and Every

If you choose to love –

every fallen hair as the first petal of a dying daisy,

each second toe longer than the big one

as a race between two raindrops on a window,

each sparse eyebrow as an unfilled page of a coloring book,

every visible vein as lightening a second before thunder,

each skinny wrist as a branch of a maple tree in autumn,

each blackish-brown eye as the full moon in full bloom,

each uneven cheek as freshly upturned land,


every piece of incomplete, abandoned, crossed out poetry

as a wonderland to explore,

if you choose to love me for all the common uniqueness I bear, I will believe in love again.


2 thoughts on “Each and Every

  1. Vein as lightening… Brilliant
    This is great observation kiddo.
    N abandoned piece of literature as unexplored Wonderland
    I found these two imagination
    N even dry hands with dried branch of tree
    Brilliant! Keep writing

    Liked by 1 person

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