Finally 15!

Hey there, people!

I had my Birthday last month, and I feel proud to tell you that I have successfully (kind of) completed 3 years and 1 month as a teenager.

Damn! This makes me feel ancient…

All this time, I had been SUPER EXCITED to turn 15, and now that I think of it, being 15 is no big deal…

I mean, when I woke up on the morning of my 15th birthday, I didn’t experience any magical transformations. I was still 4’10, my bra size was still a 30B, and my tummy was still wiggling in its place.

The only thing that was new was the fact that I could now sing a song by Taylor Swift with full enthusiasm (NOT because my voice had miraculously become a little less screechy, but because the song is about being 15).

Anyway, my “squad” had planned this REALLY COOL surprise party in the evening, and it had EVERYTHING I need in a party, except disco lights and a dance floor. There was loud music, lots of pizza, enough cola to bring a flood in my house, and most importantly, my favorite people.

But obviously, it was MY birthday, so something awkward was meant to happen…

So, once everybody was done with singing the boring traditional “Happy Birthday”, it was time for the much awaited cake attack. They held me in a way that made me wonder if they were going to kidnap me and throw me in some rainforest, but what happened was WAY worse than that. After a few seconds of utter confusion about where the cake they were smashing on my face was going, everyone stopped and looked proudly at me. My face had somehow made them discover their artistic talents, but I could’ve done better without becoming their masterpiece…

Also, at the end of the attack, Boov, my best guy friend, tried to stick a cherry on my nose. Considering the fact that I haven’t yet trained my nose to balance objects, the cherry fell down and for a second I felt like it went right into my cleave. Then, I very intelligently announced this to the whole room and suddenly everyone stopped speaking and the look on dad’s face was PRICELESS. Thankfully, mum came to my rescue and cleared the awkward air with her loud and scary laugh and everything went back to normal. Those were the AWKWARD-EST 5 seconds of my life.

Then it was time to open my gifts, and there was another surprise waiting for me in a box, so before I opened it, everybody sat around me in a circle and Chubbles started recording my reaction.

And there it was, folded and carefully wrapped in plastic….. a RED BRA.

Man, the look on everybody’s face when I wore the bra over my sweatshirt was worth looking at. I almost looked like superman, except the fact that I was wearing a red bra in place of the signature red underwear…

The party ended with Boov trying to wear the bra over his sweatshirt, which was followed by a HUGE group hug.

This was certainly my best birthday EVER!

Signin’ out,

THAT Girl.


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